Delegation from CDC of Gabon Visited Henan Guoji

Recently, a delegation from CDC of Gabon, headed by the Secretary General Mr. Ipedissy, arrived in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and conducted a seven-day visit and communication to Henan Guoji.

CDC of Gabon is Henan Guojis partner of the civil servant housing project in Gabon. The five-member delegation of CDC is composed of the Secretary General Mr. Ipedissy, the Director of Regional Development Mr. Ndoundou, the Director of Group Relations Department Mr. Patrault Anguilet, the Deputy Director of Management and Control Department Ms. Toumbi,   and the Material Engineer Mr. Ajadi. In addition to a comprehensive understanding of the overall strength of Henan Guoji in China, the delegations main task of this trip is to discuss and determine the specific planning and design scheme of the project in Gabon in detail.

In the early stage of the project, Xu Mingzheng, Chairman of Henan Guoji Industry, led a delegation to visit Gabon for many times. During this visit, Guojis reception team led the delegation to visit the real estate development projects, constructed projects and the industrial park implemented by Henan Guoji in China. The delegation visited Hanyu Tianyue Wan project, Sanshilipu resettlement housing project, Central Plain Printing and Packaging Industrial Park, Central Kitchen Industrial Park and other landmark projects of Guoji. The sales mode of domestic commercial housing, property management mode, office building construction mode, and the planning and operation concept of the industrial park were highly praised and recognized by the foreign guests.

Visit Hanyu Tianyue Wan project

Site visit of Project under Construction

Visit Industrial Parks

Make Research on the New Materials for Integrated Housing


After that, accompanied by the Chairman Xu Mingzheng, the two parties held an communication meeting at Henan Guojis conference room. The delegation expressed approval and satisfaction to our design team for the overall planning and design scheme of Gabon civil servant housing project. Both parties carried out detailed research and discussion on the details, and jointly deepened and improved the scheme. Through this meeting, the cooperation project had been promoted qualitatively, the confidence of both sides in the success of the project implementation was strengthened, and a solid foundation for cooperation was laid.

In addition, the Chairman of Henan Guoji also made an in-depth discussion with the Secretary General and others on the current industrial development in Gabon. Based on the visit to the key projects of national infrastructure, he proposed preliminary ideas and plans on how to develop the existing industries of Gabon, how to solve the housing problems of the low-income people in the country, and how to build the social infrastructure. The Secretary General said that Gabon's current development level was the same as that of China's 20 years ago, but he believed that with the support and help of Chinese enterprises, Gabon would get faster and better development.

Discussion of Gabons Housing Project Scheme


At the end of the trip, the delegation was very satisfied with the visit, and said that after returning to Gabon, the implementation and construction of the project would be promoted as soon as possible in accordance with the scheme discussed and determined.

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